Biomarker drug efficacy and safety assessments
in nonclinical and clinical studies

About Nextcea

Established in December 2006 by Dr. Frank Hsieh, Nextcea Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive drug development services aimed at enhancing efficacy and minimizing toxicity across all stages of drug development. Nextcea seamlessly integrates non-GLP and GLP/GCP LC-MS/MS biomarker quantitation with PK/PD for efficacy assessments and TK/TD for safety evaluations. Our cutting-edge technology platform, featuring UPLC-MS/MS 7500 and a robust LIMS system, is specifically tailored to support studies in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer drug development. Collaborative efforts have been undertaken with esteemed partners such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Columbia University, and numerous other leading research institutions, academic establishments, hospitals, and foundations.